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Before a building is delivered and installed, several important preliminaries must be addressed. Please read the following delivery requirements:

* One of the customers' primary responsibilities is to discover if there are any local permits, building restrictions, home owners association restrictions, city or county regulations, etc, that would interfere with delivery and installation. Your building will be delivered and installed with the assumption that these details have been settled.

* Each customer is also responsible for checking the location of buried utility lines. Building anchors will be used to stabilize your structure, which could potentially damage water pipes, telephone cables, gas lines, etc. The installation crew must be notified about any possible utility lines before they begin, to avoid any underground hazards.

* Each customer is responsible for providing an adequate foundation for their building before the delivery crew arrives. Foundations may consist of firm ground, cement, asphalt, or gravel. Please make certain that your pad is the proper size and as level as possible. In order to keep our prices down, our delivery crews will, out of necessity, be unable to wait for site leveling preparation once they arrive. If no site has been prepared, buildings will be installed on an "as is" basis.

* If you choose to use a poured concrete slab or concrete footings for your building foundation, traditional concrete wedge anchors will be used to stabilize your structure. With this type of anchoring, your building will be certified. If your site foundation is gravel, asphalt or firm ground, thirty-inch rebar anchors are used when no building certification is needed. If your site foundation is gravel, asphalt or firm ground and you do need certification, optional helical mobile home, earth anchors will be used. All installation work comes with a 30-day workmanship warranty.

* Once we have received your deposit and your order has been placed, you can expect delivery & installation of your building within 1 to 8 weeks (with an average delivery time of 1 to 4 weeks). Metal Carports USA works hard to ensure fast, successful product delivery, but ultimately it is the customer's responsibility to coordinate a delivery date with the manufacturer and be present on the day of installation. Since our delivery crews are in a given area approximately every 1 to 6 weeks (depending on the volume of buildings to be installed in the area), please try to be ready for the installation of your building on the first attempt when the manufacturer calls to make arrangements for delivery. If you're unable to take delivery of your building on the first attempt, it may delay the installation of your building until the next time the workers are in your area. "Grouping" deliveries of buildings helps us keep the prices lower for all our customers. Please be patient as we work on the most efficient schedule for all those who are placing orders with our company.

* If needed, engineering plans are available on your building for a small fee.

* As a dealer, Metal Carports USA is not responsible for any installation issues, delivery conflicts, manufacturer's warranties or guarantees, or any other unforeseen problem(s) that might develop during this process. However, our company will, of course, do all we can to assist you in resolving any questions or difficulties with the manufacturer as long as both parties are making reasonable efforts to resolve the issue.

* If you have any additional questions about delivery and installation, please call Metal Carports USA and we will give you any additional information and advice you may need. We look forward to helping you with your project!


Our metal carports and garages are manufactured from the highest quality materials to provide long lasting, maximum protection for your cars, trucks, RV's, boats and any other property that may need protection from the elements.

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