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Regular Style Standard Metal Carport

- 14 gauge frame
- 29 gauge roofing
- 6' Legs
- Bows 5' on center or less (depending on geographical region)
- Braces on all center bows
- Braces on all or corner legs (depending on geographical region) for added strength


- Frame lengths are 20', 25', 30' etc.
- Roofs have 6'' overhang front and back
- Actual colors may vary

The Standard type metal carport comes with a standard horizontal roof. The roof panels run parallel to the side of the carport.
Certified: 14 gauge 20 PSF/110 MPH*, 12 gauge 30 PSF/120 MPH*


The Regular style carport is the most economical of the three styles (Regular, Boxed Eave, & Vertical).

The Regular style is the only one of the three roof styles that has a barn style roof, with rounded, overhanging edges. The other two roof styles (Boxed Eave & Vertical) have A-style roofs.

The roof metal is installed horizontally so that the ridges of the metal run from the front of the carport to the back. As a result, water will drain off the front or rear of the building, since that's the way the ridges run. During installation, the Regular style carport will intentionally be installed slightly out-of-level (about an inch, and invisible to the eye) so that the water will drain in the preferred direction.

25 stock sizes available, from 12x21' through 24x41'. Larger & custom sizes also available.

Our buildings are engineered for high wind speeds using the highest quality steel components and have the following certifications*: 110 MPH/20 PSF (wind speed/snow load) on the standard 14 gauge steel frame; 120 MPH/30 PSF on the optional 12 gauge steel frame; 150 MPH/ 65 PSF is also available for an additional charge (*certification requires the building to be properly anchored to a suitable surface).

Leg heights from 6-12' (with center clearances from 8-14')

"Lean-to" style (single pitch) carports also available. Contact us for pricing.

If you live in an area that receives heavy rainfall or snow, we strongly recommend our Vertical Roof model which sheds water and snow more quickly than the Regular Style.

Standard configuration is 29 gauge roof metal with a 14 gauge tubular steel frame. If you live in an area that receives heavy wind, rain, and/or snow, you might consider upgrading to the stronger 12 gauge steel frame.

Carports to be installed in the southern states come standard with 2' braces on each corner leg, while carports installed in the northern states come standard with braces on EVERY leg. For carports with corner braces only, adding optional braces on every leg is an economical way to add superior wind resistance to your carport.

13 roof metal colors, and 13 trim colors.

Accessorize your building with entry doors, garage doors, windows, etc.

Additional SIDE panels are available, or one or both sides can be completely closed.

One or both ENDS can also be enclosed.

Enhance the appearance of your carport by adding a "gable end" on one or both ends.

Add optional mobile home anchors for superior wind resistance.

Keep in mind that our carports are totally customizable. Let us know how you want your carport customized, and we'll be glad to give you a quote.


Our metal carports and garages are manufactured from the highest quality materials to provide long lasting, maximum protection for your cars, trucks, RV's, boats and any other property that may need protection from the elements.

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